Final Reflection

by Laura Rigell

Two days ago, I was rushing around the Warsaw stadium that contained theIMGP0365 United Nations climate stadium.  Inside that building, about 10,000 are still gathered, deliberating about one of the greatest issues ever faced in human history.   On Saturday, my final day at the 19th Conference of Parties, I did sit in on a general UN plenary.  Through the technical language, the tensions surfaced.  In that plenary, the lead negotiator of the Philippines Yeb Sano insisted that “developed countries must take the lead.”  Last Monday, he began fasting in solidarity with those suffering or dead as a result of typhoon Haiyan.  Yeb Sano demands bold action for climate justice through immediate and ambitious commitments to emissions reductions and adaptation finance.


Ryan Madden, Adam Greenberg, and Collin Rees of SustainUS fast at COP19

Many at the COP immediately began fasting in solidarity, such as these three representatives from SustainUS (a US youth delegation).  Since, the idea has spread across the world, and over 1000 people will be fasting for at least one day this week.  I will be fasting Wednesday through Friday in solidarity with the Philippines and demanding ambitious action for climate justice.  I simply cannot accept continued inaction by our government on climate change.

Students at Tufts fasted in their dining hall yesterday

Students at Tufts fasted in their dining hall yesterday

Those of us who are planning to fast will be wearing red dots and sitting at a table in Sharples.  I invite you to join us.  You are welcome to join for a single meal, one day, or for multiple. Please email me ( to get plugged into the community of fasters who will be supporting each other in Sharples this week.  Also, this facebook event is a great place to gather information and inspiration.

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